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We focus on people’s favorite ways to enjoy cheese and we assure the cheese we make are high quality and safe to be consumed. We’ve developed a range of cheese products from 100% high quality dairy and each cheese has its own special application. All Food Tech (FT) products are unique and different to suit your taste and needs.

Cheese is such a cultural staple, widely enjoyed in so many ways: on its own, in simple dishes or as part of a complex creation. We provide a wide range of cheese from raw cheese to flavored heat-stable cheese that enhances the taste, appearance and value of your products. Thus whether you’re a chef or manufacturer, you’ll be amaze with how FT cheese would add value to your product.

Cheese itself is highly nutritious and rich in calcium, proteins, vitamins and minerals. It is a convenient food, suitable for all occasions and ages.

Lacto Asia cheese are made from carefully selected natural cheese using Japanese Technology. They are produced with special characteristics, unique taste and under strict hygienic condition.

Being certified by AVA (Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore) and as a HACCP accredited company under SS90:2013 guideline, we employ a strict HACCP system (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

The system is observed and practised throughout the manufacturing process from first inspection to shipping of the final product.

Therefore, through strict and meticulous testing we assure that our cheese products are of top quality at all times.

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