Tiramisu Chub Cheese

Tiramisu Chub cheese



Product Information

In Italian, Tiramisu means “Think of me” or “Take me with you”. It is a well-known Italian dessert where people always feel lovely, cheerful & happiness when taste it. With this charming saying, here comes for Lacto to name our newly launched product as “Tiramisu Cheese”, a classic ingredient that serves as soft creamy cheese. Its soft texture promotes better creaming/ whipping property, which makes Excellent Tiramisu. Unlike others raw cream cheese, “Tiramisu Cheese” which is cooked under Japanese technology is generally safe for direct consumption and highly suitable for food preparations that need no heating. After whipped, “Tiramisu Cheese” will become a fluffy creamy cheese filling which is ready to serve as spread on bun & slice bread.“Tiramisu Cheese” also suitable to make all types of European Cheese Cake as well as Japanese Style “Light Cheese Cake”. Besides, with our Japanese innovative simple recipe, “Tiramisu Cheese” can use to bake tasty & unique Sumuzu Cheese Cake (in Japanese, it means Smooth Cheese Cake) without flour. Try it today based on Lacto Recipe to observe the superb attributes that satisfy your baking results.

  • Unique packaging
  • Perfect for dessert and bakery applications
  • Ready to use
  • 250gm chub x 40 chubs per carton

Product Application

coklat with cheese filling3

Chocolate with Tiramisu Cheese Filling

_MG_1981 - Copy

Sumuzu Cheese Cake


Tiramisu Cheese Cake