Mooncake Festival! Our special Jelly Cheese Mooncake

Simple and easy to prepare, our Jelly Cheese Mooncake is so tasty you cant resist it! We also have Yoghurt Jelly Cheese Mooncake for yoghurt lovers.

Road Show at Kimwah Ingredients Shop (Johor)

We introduced our new launched Cheddar Cheese Food. We received very good response from our customers. It tastes great, with such an affordable price. First day of launching, our Cheddar Cheese Food were already fast-selling. Thank you Johorean!    

Cooking & Baking Demo at Zulaikha Ingredients Shop (Johor)

21st & 22nd July 2017. Our aim were to introduce our cheeses to home bakers and all the participants were very attentive. They paid full attention and actively involved during the demo session. We were very glad to receive excellent feedbacks from our demo. Thanks to Puan Natirah for inviting us!      

Road Show at HOI Sri Damansara

After a month of Ramadhan break, we were here again to introduce our new recipes using Lacto Cheese. Our Chef made some simple demo on Japanese Mayo Toast with Garlic Diced Cheese. The aroma was so tempting, everyone wants to try it at home!    

Road Show at Wah Seng (Ipoh)

12th & 13th May 2017.  Our Tiramisu Cheese was the best seller since it is Mother’s Day celebration and customers want to bake cheese cakes for their beloved mothers. Thanks for supporting us and  Happy Mother’s Day!      

Road Show at HOI Sri Damansara

Again, since our road show at HOI last month gave very positive feedback, we had organized another road show there as one of our way to appreciate our loyal customers. We also provided free gifts this time, as we know there is more happiness in giving.   

Road Show at Kimwah Outlet (Johor)

22nd April 2017. Our best opportunity to introduce our product to Kluang people since a lot of crowd came to buy ingredients for Hari Raya soon. Everyone was eager to try our recipes for Hari Raya!

Road Show at U & Me Bakery Wakaf Bharu (Kelantan)

15th April 2017. Again, we had visited East Coast Malaysia for our road show. We were very glad to share our product to local customers there. Thanks for your continuous support!

Road Show at HOI Sri Damansara

On 7th & 8th April 2017, we received very good response on our road show there. Such a huge crowd and good support from our customer there!

Road Show at Wah Seng (Ipoh)

23th Jan 2016, Road show at Wah Seng Ipoh to promote our new Tiramisu, Orange & Lemon, and Raisin & Coconut chub cheese. We received overwhelming responds in Ipoh!